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Hi, thanks for visiting this page!

My Call sign is WY7LM. RIG Yeasu FT-450D. ANT is a 43' vertical from ZeroFive Antennas. I use a remote tuner at the base of my antenna, a LDG RT-100. I normally use a Begali "Spark" straight key. I fully recommend all this equipment! It is a great setup.

I always QSL electronically. I use both eQSL and LoTW. I enjoy receiving QSL cards, but I'm not interested collecting awards. So, I normally don't send out QSL cards. Please do not feel obligated to send me one. If you want a card, please send me one. I'll send one back! No return postage is required (No SASE required).

I'm still learning CW. I can usually handle about 10 WPM, on a good day. I work without a computer, so if you don't get a confirmation from me, please contact me. I've blown more than one call. I usually look up the call signs and log my contacts only after signing off. Everything goes in my log, good or bad. Thanks for your patience.

SKCC NR 11605, NAQCC NR 6816

Feel free to contact me at WY7LM@arrl.net

73 de WY7LM ..

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