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Motor Fuses, and Over Current Protective Devices (OCPD)

Enter the FLC, Full Load Current, of your motor. Look in NEC Table 430.247, 430.248, 430.249, or 430.250 to find your values.

This table picks the maximum standard fuse and breaker sizes, shown in amperes, from the values listed in NEC 240.6(A). The table is derived from NEC Table 430.52.

Type of Motor Nontime Delay Fuse Dual Element (TD) Fuse Instantaneous Trip Breaker Inverse Time Breaker

Note: NEC 240.4(C) Where the overcurrent device is rated over 800 amperes, the ampacity of the conductors it protects shall be equal to or greater than the rating of the overcurrent device defined in 240.6.